My artist is Jimmy and I’ve been getting work from him for about four years now. Best experience I’ve ever had with a tattoo artist! He’s patient, kind, informative, and very talented. It’s always a lot of fun when I’m there. I get compliments on a daily basis about his work and I never hesitate to reference him. All around great dude and great shop. I will be finishing my sleeve with him soon and I can’t wait. Definitely recommend.
Rachael A.
Working with Jimmy is a wonderful experience and it can be pretty exciting as A). Jimmy’s an educator and B). Jimmy visualizes other peoples’ imaginings well and C). Jimmy provides unique, bold suggestions that can make a tattoo really pop (which he’ll never pressure you into accepting but nonetheless tosses out there)…Jimmy does fantastic work, he’s great to work with, and he’s honest. If it’s not apparent, I highly recommend him.
Joshua J.
Jimmy is a true tattoo artist, emphasis on artist. He draws every thing himself; he was a painter before he started tattooing and I’ve noticed that these two skill sets have been meshing and evolving throughout my time getting to know him. I love that he uses my body as a canvas; all of my pieces were done by him and everything meshes together beautifully. There’s a really nice flow to his work and I love that his tattoos don’t look like stickers on me.
Jimmy really cares about the tattoo and isn’t going to tattoo something on you just because he’s getting paid to do so. For example, I wanted some text done on my ribs and he told me to change the font because he was worried that the tattoo was going to be all mushed up in a couple years. We ended up changing it and I am happier with the change since it is much more legible now. Finally, a couple of my favorite things about Jimmy is that he’s a family man and he’s super professional. Communicating with him is effortless and it’s never intimidating. I have gotten my entire chest, a half/quarter sleeve (3/8 sleeve? lol), and my ribs (more than 20 hours of work) done by him (with more on the way) and he has exceeded expectations every time. Jimmy’s rate is very fair considering the quality of his work and the fact that tattoos are permanent. There’s a short web-documentary on him coming out soon so that might be worth checking out if you’re interested.
Tuan P.
I went in as a walk in, I was greeted and seated by Jimmy. He did amazing! He drew out my idea to my expectations. I will definitely go back when I’m in the area. My artist was friendly but most important, talented. Thanks Jimmy for adding on to my old tattoo, making it more vibrant and much more meaningful.
Maria C.